readers in the USA

We welcome all readers of in the US.

Thanks to our information, you will be able to get to know Poland better, one of America’s most faithful friends.

We will present Poland to you through reports from a small resort in its southern part – Krynica-Zdrój, because its city, we come from. It is a picturesque town in the Beskid Sądecki mountains, close to the border with Slovakia and only 200 miles from Lviv, Ukraine.

Krynica has strong cultural ties with the Ukraine. It was area where the Ruthenian population lived and the so-called Lemko culture developed. It lasted until the 1940s, when the communists brutally destroyed this culture and deported the Ruthenians.

Today, only a few of them still live here. We also invite to reading the Polish diaspora scattered all over the United States. On this occasion, we greet our friend Stan Grzyb from Chicago. Be with us.